Profitable Facebook Ads Secrets for Beginners

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  • Profitable Facebook Ads Secrets for Beginners Program - Discover the secrets to making your Facebook Adverts stand out and get attention for your business... no matter how competitive or crowded your Industry may be!
  • Free Bonus #1: The SharpShooter Targeting Method ($297 Value): How to Target REAL BUYERS on Facebook using my secret “Sharpshooter” Targeting Method"
  • Free Bonus #2: Get back your Banned Facebook Ad accounts & Lost Pixel Data using the Jacob Spotted Script ($297 Value): How to Get Back all your Banned Facebook Ad Accounts & Pixel Data using the Jacob Spotted Script
  • Free Bonus #3: The Facebook Ads War Handbook ($197 Value): Secret Battle ready, Tactics to Escape being Banned by Facebook & how to always get your ads approved
  • Free Bonus #4: Stress-Free, Solid & Verified Facebook Ads Payment Methods ($97 Value) Verified and reliable ways you can pay for your Facebook Adverts without sweat or stress.
  • Free Bonus #5: Stop Burning Money through your Facebook Ads ($97 Value): 13 Money-Burning Facebook Ads Mistakes and Little Known Strategies for fixing them Quickly for more Sales & Buyers
  • Free Bonus #6: Sell with Facebook Ads using Magnetic Words ($297 Value): 10 Magnetic Writing Secrets that will get you more Sales through your Facebook Ads using the “Scroll, Stop & Buy” Technique even if you don’t know how to write & hate writing
  • Free Bonus #7: Attention Grabbing Images ($197 Value): How to Pick Attention Grabbing Images for your Facebook & Instagram Ads using the “Happy-Sad” Formula that gets you more reach, more impressions at lower prices
  • Free Bonus #8: 7 Fortune Follow-Up Secrets ($197 Value): 7 Secrets to making Customers Trust You and buy from you over and over again
  • Free Bonus #9: $100 Million Facebook Ads Ideas Swipe File ($297 Value): Multi-Million Dollars Facebook Ads Ideas at your Fingertips, so you Never struggle Again to come up with Highly Profitable Ideas for your Next Facebook & Instagram Advert
  • Free Bonus #10: Access to the Official Profitable Ads Community (PRICELESS VALUE) Access to my Private Community where you can meet, network, freely ask questions and connect with like-minded people! Networking with like-minded people with a common goal will give you more results.

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Create your Sweet Online Course in any Niche that sells easily and people love using the 7 Secret Recipes

 When you implement the Million Portfolio - Profiting from Digital Products would be easy. To help you we want to give you our Course Creation Recipes Program with over 10 videos and templates to help you create and sell digital courses. 

Here's What You'll Get:

Stage 1: Your Dream Buyer Recipes

  • Secret Recipe #1: Identify your specific niche and where people spend their money, so you can know exactly what type of course or program to create that appeals to their biggest needs!
  • Secret Recipe #2: Find out EXACTLY who is it that you serve, so you can understand what they are struggling with the most and turn that into sweet profits...

Stage 2: The Specific Promise Recipes

  • Secret Recipe #3: I’m going to show you how to determine the Specific Promise & Outcome your students will get when they join your course. Some think they have to pack their course with every single information that makes students become overwhelmed. You’ll also learn how to spell out your specific course promise in ONE SINGLE SENTENCE using the Bill Gates Elevator Pitch that arrests attention.

Stage 3: Your Student Journey Recipes

Secret Recipe #4:  How to create milestones in your course that will help your students understand the course to achieve good results.

Stage 4: Hot & Sweet Bonuses Recipes

  • Secret Recipe #5: How many bonuses should you offer, and what kind of bonuses can you offer in your course that would kill objections and make people want to join your course, I will be covering this in this program.

Stage 5: Confident Sweet Spot Pricing Recipes

  • Secret Recipe #6: The ridiculously simple equation for pricing your course confidently that shows the true value of your course and how to give your students a guarantee that gives them confidence in joining your course. If you’re wondering whether you should price your course low-ticket or high ticket, don’t worry, I covered this at this stage.

Stage 6: Course Sales Recipes 

  • Secret Recipe #7: Secret Recipes for Selling your Online Course. How do you sell a course online with or without ads? What sales systems and skills do you need in your course business to sell your course. 

In this program, you will learn different strategies on how to get leads and attract clients for your course online.

Stage 7: Course Ideas Recipes Board

If you’re struggling to find a course idea, when you join this program, you will get a Course Ideas Recipes Board with up to 100 course ideas in different industries. This board covers various industries from Career, relationship, business, productivity, education and more.

Bonus #1: The Course Creation Offer Cheatsheet

I will also give you the Course Creation offer CheatSheet that makes your course Offer super clear and easy to understand. Your entire Course offer will be on this one cheatsheet.

In the program, you will fill up this cheatsheet to make your course offer so irresistible for your customers.

Bonus #2: FREE 28 days Course Creation Website

You will get 28 days FREE Trial to my best recommended 2 Course Creation Website

Bonus #3: Money Mindset Domination

In this training, you will learn how to identify wrong money beliefs and how to replace them with the right money beliefs to hit your income goals.

You will also learn how to take consistent action and be resilient in hitting your business and income goals.

Bonus #4: 7 ways you can make money from your online course

In this Bonus workshop, you will learn about 7 different ways you can make money from your online course. If you already have a course and you’re struggling to make money from it. Then this training is for you.

Bonus #5: Easy Free & Paid Tools for Course Creation

If you’ve been over pondering on what course tech tools you need to create and sell your online course, then this training is for you. You will learn about easy to use free and paid tech tools for course creation. 

Bonus #6: Low Ticket Offer Funnel

You will get a Done for you built out Low ticket funnel to help you build your email list. This funnel has helped me build a list of over 10,000 email subscribers

Bonus #7: Course Done in a Weekend Action Trello Board

If you don't have any idea on what to do or what step to take next in your course creation journey, you will get an Action Trello Board to help you. 

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